Release 3.1.0

New and noteworthy

Review templates

You can now create Review templates. Review templates enable your organization with preparing the various objectives of reviews by type, so you don't have to rewrite them all over again each time you want to create a review. You can create a review template by extrapolating from an existing review. You can also create a Review template from scratch in the corresponding administration panel.

Better component templates

Component templates have been enhanced. You can now see all component templates existing on SECollab deployment, see its overview, edit, delete and, of course, apply it on the current configuration. Plus you can also export to zip and import from zip to easily share your configuration's setup with other configurations or projects.

Microsoft Word

Publishing Microsoft Word has just reached a new step. This has been moved from directly publishing the .doc / .docx file directly to the server from within the web application to be fully integrated into the client publisher. You can now publish them just like any other data directly from the Publisher.

Exporting and importing comments

You can now share the review's public comments with third parties that happen have the original models by exporting them to Excel. Third parties can review the comments from the Excel file, reply up to 5 times, amend the title or description of a comment, then send it back to you for import on your SECollab. This import will update amended comments as well as create all replies that the third party has put in the Excel sheet. New comments will be created with the importer as author, and will contain a mention of the original author in their description.

Solved issues

Resource Types

When importing large designs, applying a custom resource type targeting a large number of imported resources was generating a particularly large amount of logs in Neo4j. As a consequence, these logs have been restored to their original 2 days limit.


Fixes the LDAP implementation which was behaving inconsistently under specific conditions.

Known issues

The list of known issues can be found on the known issues page.

Migration notes

There is no specific action to take upon migrating from version 3.0.x. Simply follow the Updating SECollab guidelines.