Release 2.2.0

New and noteworthy

Comments within a group

You can now assign your users to Groups. Once done, you can write comments and make them private to your group. Then you can make them public by removing the group restriction on your comment.

Suspect comments

When importing a new version of a design, some of your comments may become irrelevant. These are called suspect comments. Comments are considered suspect when the resource they apply to is modified. Only significant properties are investigated. For example, in DOORS, the url and baseline url properties are not considered significant.

Design history

Our updated resource diff capability now better supports diagram areas diff of diagrams, as well as related resources listing. In addition to that, we now display the full list of properties in the diff view.


When performing reviews, some comment threads need some follow-up actions. You can now create these follow-up requests as "Findings". Findings are Change Management artifacts that can be used as source or target when doing traceability links.

Comment conclusion

You can now add an explanation to justify closing a comment.


Links are now displayed with an icon marker letting you know whether the link is outgoing or incoming.


Publication from MagicDraw 19 is now available.


Publication from Rhapsody 8.3.1 is now available.


Publication from Capella 1.3.0 is now available.

User experience

The active details pane is now remembered across browsed resources, as well as whether or not you hid the left browsing area.
You can now also see tags with the number of comments facing each resources in trees and tables.

Known issues

The list of known issues can be found on the known issues page.

Migration notes

This version requires going through a migration. To start this migration: