Release 1.2.0

New and noteworthy

H2 embedded storage

SECollab data can now be stored in an embedded H2 database instead of using IBM Rational Team Concert © CCM (CCM).

Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architect designs can be imported in SECollab.


Capella designs can be imported in SECollab.


Added support for DOORS designs.


A report manager can upload custom BIRT designs that become available to generate custom reports. Reports can be generated in different formats in addition to PDF: DOCX, DOC, ODT and HTML were added.

Web application

Users can now choose a destination folder when they import a design from the web interface.

Administration screens

SECollab now has 2 administration screens:

Known issues

The list of known issues can be found on the known issues page.

Migration notes

There is no specific action to take upon migrating from version 1.0.x. Simply follow the Updating SECollab guidelines.