Deployer - Deploying Files to the IDE Environment

After code generation, you can use the Deployer to copy all generated source files, configuration files and ARXF-CP sources to an IDE environment. Pressing the Generate/make/Run button will generate source- and configuration files and launch the Deployer.

External source files are not generated from your model, like AUTOSAR Legacy code, so these are not deployed.

The build environment to deploy to, is stored in your model per Configuration: if you to deploy SWCs to a multiple build environments, you must organize your Components accordingly. Component X can include SwcA and SwcB, while Component Y can include SwcC. When deploying, either Component X is active resulting in SwcA and SwcB being deployed to some build environment, or Component Y to deploy SwcC.

If each SWC can be reallocated to a different ECU, you must have one SWC per Component.

Basically you will want to use the Deployer in two ways: