The ARXF-CP is delivered with a property help file in XML format. Rhapsody 9.0 and newer support profile related property help embedded in Rhapsody automatically.

If you are using Rhapsody 8.4 or older, you manually need to integrate the delivered property help XML file into the Rhapsody program folder: copy the file
from <ARXF_CP_V8.00 installation folder>\ARXF_CP_V8.00\RXF\Profiles\Rhapsody\PropertyHelp\Autosar\EN\ARXF_CP.xml
to <Rhapsody program path>\Doc\PropertyHelp\EN\.

The properties CG::Class::ActiveMessageQueueSize and CG::Class::ActiveStackSize are not used in ARXF_CP_V8.00.

ARXF-CP properties

You can easily access RXF specific properties in a dedicated perspective for the ARXF-CP Configuration: