Creating a link to an existing Windchill artifact

Continuing with the steps defined on the parent topic...

  1. Select the option to create the link over an existing artifact.
  2. An artifact search dialog will be displayed [1]. You can search an artifact by the fields name/number (“*” value accepted to list all items) and pressing the Search button.
  4. You can select then one or more items in the result list.
  6. To confirm your selection, click on the OK button at the bottom of the page.

If everything went as planned, the dialog will be closed and you will see the new link(s) created on the links section.

Global Configurations Compatibility

When the CLM Application is Configuration Management enabled and using a Global Configuration (GC), selecting an artifact which is not related with the GC used will cause an error to be displayed in the dialog, preventing the linking.

The artifact configuration can be set in Windchill.