OSLC Connect for Windchill Extension deployment with database errors

When you run the script to install the OSLC Connect for Windchill Extension, you may have errors in your console. Here are some tips to fix them.

Check the dabatase related properties

The extensions deployment error may be due to wrong database properties set for the extension install script. To fix them:

  1. Open the extension.properties file
  2. Locate the wt.db.id property in the file
  3. The wind term must be replaced by the Windchill database name

Run again the deployment of the extension sql schema, with following command:

Manual deployment of the extension SQL schema in Windchill SQL Database

When the Ant script fails to deploy the extension SQL schema, The extension SQL files can be executed manually.

In order to do this, locate the extension SQL schema scripts folders depending on the database type:

Please have your designated database administrator and your Windchill administrator perform the execution of these SQL scripts for you.