CRRWC01008 Cannot update {value1}, a constraint defined on the Windchill attribute "{value2}" has been violated. Please contact your Windchill administrator.


OSLC data could not be written in a Windchill attribute, to either store an association between a Windchill product and an IBM Rational Team Concert project area or between Change Requests in both systems. The operation failed because a constraint defined by the Windchill administrator on the Windchill attribute prevented to write correctly the data. Typical cases are the Windchill attribute is single valued, whereas OSLC data requires a multi valued attribute, or the attribute value maximum length is too limited.
Note that at this point, in case of Change Request linking, the collaboration link might have been successfully added in IBM Rational Team Concert.


Contact your Windchill administrator to update the constraints defined on the Windchill attribute. Make sure to review the constraint configuration suggested in Extending the Windchill Data Model.