This guide provides instruction on how to install the Sodius OSLC Adapter for PTC Windchill. Instructions cover obtaining installation files, assuring prerequisite systems and conditions are in place, installing web archive files, installing Windchill extensions, configuring relationships between the peer applications, verifying expected operation, and troubleshooting issues.

This Sodius OSLC Adapter for PTC Windchill which the instructions refer to as the Open Services Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) Windchill Adapter or simply as “the Adapter” enables users of PTC’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Windchill™ ecosystem to share information with IBM’s Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) ecosystem. The Adapter uses OSLC standards from the OASIS Open Standards Network, protocols, and user interface elements over modern Representational State Transfer (REST) web services to provide this sharing of information. Information is linked between systems, not replicated, optimizing storage and consistency.

The Sodius OSLC Adapter for PTC Windchill is implemented as two coupled extensions to the PLM and the ALM systems:

  1. A Java Web Archive, built on Eclipse Lyo, that implements an “OSLC Provider” for Windchill PLM content to the IBM ALM system
  2. A collection of Java Jars that implement an “OSLC Consumer” of ALM content from the IBM ALM system to the Windchill PLM system.

Additional information on the respective products, vendors, and the standard technologies are available at these Internet web links: