A Possible Single-User Deployment Topology

An “single-user topology” might place all components on a single Windows server. Such a topology might use Apache Tomcat as the application server for the Connector and for Jazz CLM. The database for Jazz might be Apache Derby, which is limited to 10 users. The topology might co-locate the Windchill PLM on this server.

With this low-cost topology, a single user or small team might be able to explore the concepts of an ALM / PLM integration and experience some of the User Interface / User Experience for simulated business workflow.

Of course, such an evaluation topology does not meet the demands of a typical production workload because of the limited scalability of the single application server. Rather, it is most likely that an organization will deploy the capabilities onto numerous powerful computers each with large memories, low-latency large disks, and high bandwidth networks to handle the load of the application servers, the database servers, and the users' activities.

The illustrative intent of this evidently challenged topology is to reinforce that there is no technological reason why all the software components of the integrated solution cannot be run on a single device.

Capabilities that must be offered by each of the chosen application servers (for Jazz, Windchill, and the Connector) are stated in Web/Application Servers' Required Capabilities. Briefly, the chosen web application server has to be running JDK 8 and has to offer modern security features. Review the requirements for the exact capabilities needed.