A Possible Proof-of-Concept Deployment Topology

An “proof-of-concept topology” might place the components of each domain on a separate server.
For example, the PLM domain might be deployed to a 32G 4-Core 64-bit x86 workstation with 100G disks running RedHat or CentOS Linux. Both Windchill and its Oracle database would be colocated on this server. Then, a second 32G 4-Core 64-bit x86 workstation with 100G disks running Ubuntu Linux would host the ALM Jazz suite of JTS, CCM, RM, GC, DM, QM, LQE, LDX, RELM, and JRS. A third 32G 4-Core 64-bit x86 workstation with 200G disks running Ubuntu might host Jazz’s DB2 database for all the Jazz applications. Finally, a 24G 2-Core 64-bit x86 Windows or Linux server might run Tomcat to host the OSLC Connect for Windchill capability.

Such a deployment of 4 servers could use virtualization.

With this topology, a small team (e.g. 5 to 25 users) should be able to prove the concepts of an ALM / PLM integration and experience some of the User Interface / User Experience for simulated business workflow with practical, representative content in each of the repositories.

Capabilities that must be offered by each of the chosen application servers (for Jazz, Windchill, and the Connector) are stated in Web/Application Servers' Required Capabilities. Briefly, the chosen web application server has to be running JDK 8 and has to offer modern security features. Review the requirements for the exact capabilities needed.

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