Changing the HTTP session management cookie name for Apache Tomcat

Change the HTTP session management cookie name if the OSLC Connect for Windchill and Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM)
are installed in the same Apache Tomcat™ Application Server or are behind the same reverse proxy, such as IBM HTTP Server (IHS).

About this task

If you install the Connector in the same Tomcat Application Server as CLM or the Connector is behind the same reverse proxy as CLM you may experience some problems in linking scenarios. This is because both the Connector and CLM use the same Java Servlet API “JSESSIONID” cookie in the HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) session management. CLM sometimes resets the cookie when you log in to CLM, which causes the Connector to lose its session in some linking scenarios. To resolve this issue you must change the HTTP session management cookie name.

The attribute sessionCookieName is the name to be used for all session cookies created for this context. If set, this overrides any name set by the web application. If not set, the value specified by the web application, if any, will be used, or the name “JSESSIONID” if the web application does not explicitly set one.

Note that in legacy versions of the Java Servlet API prior to version 3, the name of the cookie used for session management was fixed to “JSESSIONID”.

For more information about cookies on Apache Tomcat go to Common_Attributes.


When necessary to resolve issues:

  1. Stop the Tomcat Server
  2. Edit the <tomcat>\conf\context.xml file
  3. Add the following context path: <Context path="/oslc-windchill" sessionCookieName="OSLCWINDCHILLSESSIONID"/> (the session cookie name is arbitrary).
  4. Re-start the Tomcat server.