OSLC Connect for Windchill Architecture Overview

OSLC Connect for Windchill is a Java Servlet application that executes with a Servlet Engine Web Application Server and has extensions to the already in-situ PTC ™ Windchill system.

A typical corporate network with the deployed connector might resemble the architecture shown in the figure below.

Figure: A Typical Architecture

OSLC Connect for Windchill integrates modern Internet Web Service components to provide the OSLC capabilities required by its nature as an OSLC consumer and provider of Engineering Lifecycle Management information. The significant components that it integrates are:

Technology Source Purpose
OASIS OSLC http://www.oasis-oslc.org/ Specifications for OSLC CM REST Protocols
Eclipse Lyo https://www.eclipse.org/lyo/ OSLC4J Libraries
Apache Tomcat http://tomcat.apache.org/ Tomcat Web Server Manager
IBM WebSphere Application Server http://www-03.ibm.com IBM Web Server Manager
AngularJS https://angularjs.org/ Client-side Browser User Interfaces
Restangular https://github.com/mgonto/restangular Client-side REST Broker
ParseUri http://stevenlevithan.com Javascript URI Parsing
LoDash http://lodash.com/ Functional Javascript
Bootstrap http://getbootstrap.com/css/ Client-side Responsive CSS
OWASP HTML Policy https://www.owasp.org/HTML Server-side Java HTML Filtering
OWASP CSRF Filtering https://www.owasp.org/CSRF Server-side CSRF Management

Software composing OSLC Connect for Windchill is provided as OSGi bundles loaded into an OSGi engine that is, itself, provided as a Web Archive that is managed by a web application servlet engine. For example, an organization can choose to use Apache Tomcat or IBM Websphere Application Server as the Servlet Server that hosts OSLC Connect for Windchill’s OSGi engine.