Installing the OSLC Connect for Windchill Extensions to Windchill

These procedures extend Windchill so that the Windchill user is presented with additional Windchill User Interface elements that expose controls and forms for the consumption of OSLC information from configured OSLC Providers. The procedures also manually configure Windchill with new properties to store relationships with chosen OSLC Providers.


  1. Deploy OSLC Connect for Windchill WAR to its server and servlet web application server
  2. Confirm that Windchill itself is installed and is operational.
  3. Log into the Windchill server as an Administrator and as a Windchill Administrator
  4. Browse to the installation directory of PTC Windchill
  5. run Windchill Shell with bin/windchill shell
  6. Web browse to download the extensions for Windchill from the OSLC Connect for Windchill servlet
  7. Copy the zipfile to a temporary staging directory, for example /tmp/sodius_install
  8. Unzip the Windchill Resources Zip file
  9. A default property file is at the same level as the unzipped files.
    This property file contains default value of needed properties for extension to install.
    The needed properties are the login, password and identifier of database, the path to the Windchill install and the url of OSLC Connect for Windchill.
    You must change the values by editing the file
  10. Stop the Windchill service
  11. Run the Ant script to install the Sodius Windchill Extensions
  12. Wait for the script to:
  13. Carefully monitor execution of the script and capture any failure messages
  14. Start the Windchill service

When the script runs successfully, this completes deployment of the extension.


Any trouble? Follow our guides to check the deployment of the Sodius extensions for PTC Windchill and to fix Sodius extensions deployment with database errors.