Fixing CORS filter issues when using a proxy

CORS stands for Cross-origin Resource Sharing, it's a mechanism to allow a server resources to be requested by another entity outside this server's domain. The CORS mechanism is involved in a Sodius OSLC Adapter for PTC Windchill because resources provided by your CLM serverr(s) will be requested by the PTC Windchill server and vice-versa.

In some cases, you may think your CORS setup is correct, but CORS issues still remain. This may be due to the use of proxy server between the different parties of a whole Sodius OSLC Adapter for PTC Windchill server.

So if your company is running a proxy server to access the Jazz CLM server, do the following to allow your Sodius Adapter and PTC Windchill to "see" your CLM:

  1. Get the FQDN of your proxy server
  2. Add your proxy server FQDN to the allowed origins of your CLM server CORS filter. Note this should be done on each CLM server if you run more than one (one for CCM and one for RM, for example).
  3. Add your proxy server FQDN to the whitelist of all of your CLM servers.