Configuring LDX with Windchill's Change Management data source

When Configuration Management is enabled in a IBM Collaborative Lifecycle Management project, Collaboration back links are not stored along with the artifact itself, they are managed by IBM Link Index Provider (LDX) and it must be installed/configured in order to see back links. If LDX is not installed, there is no way to get back links displayed, try to install it before continue.

Having LDX installed:

  1. Follow the steps defined in this Jazz Procedure to add Windchill's Architecture Management data source in LDX[1], [2] using following data:
    Field Value Required in Jazz Procedure Step
    Root Services URL OSLC Connect for Windchill's root services URL (for more details please refer to Configuring OSLC Connect) 3
    Data Source URL http[s]://<host_name>:<port>[/Windchill]/oslc-connect/cm/trs 3
    Label TRS 2.0 for OSLC Connect for Windchill CM Resources 4
    OAuth Consumer Key an existingWindchill consumer key (ask it to Windchill's server administrator) 7
    OAuth Consumer Secret an existing Windchill consumer secret (ask it to Windchill's server administrator) 7

If everything went well, you will see a new data source registered and updated in LDX Data Sources page.