Adding Relationships from Windchill Parts to Rational Doors NextGen Requirements

With the Adapter installed, you can associate Windchill Parts with OSLC Requirements resources. You can either:

Of course, you may also delete existing Links that are no longer appropriate for the Part and linked Requirements.

Add OSLC Relationship Wizard

  1. From the Windchill Part “info page”, select the OSLC tab and then click the “Relate Parts and OSLC Resources” widget.
  2. Choose the Link type (e.g. derives, refines, satisfies, etc) from the “OSLC Traceability Link types” drop-down list
  3. Choose the coupled OSLC Service Provider which offers relatable OSLC Resources from a DNG Requirements ProjectArea from the “Select a Service Provider” drop-down list
  4. Move to the next step of the Wizard
  5. Choose either No Global Configuration or Within a Configuration for the versions of those resources
  6. If Within a Configuration, choose the appropriate Global Configuration Stream from the choices offered within the Jazz Configuration Picker
  7. Choose whether to link to a newly created resource or to link to an existing resource:
  8. Browse and populate the Jazz DNG Creation or Selection dialog with appropriate Requirements' properties
  9. Click OK
  10. The Adapter creates new OSLC Links in the Parts/Requirements table and shows the status of the updates in the Windchill UI
  11. For new Links added, you can hover over the Base URI field of the link to see a dynamic preview page of information about the related Requirement.