Creating and Linking Windchill Change Requests to Rational Team Concert Work Items

You can decide to link to an existing artifact or the new artifact you want to create:

Add Collaboration Link Wizard

  1. From the Windchill Change Request page click the “Add Collaboration Link” button. Note that if this option is not available please contact your Windchill administrator to update the application or refer to section Extending the Windchill Web Page.
  2. Choose the Provider from the drop-down list
  3. Select either the location of the existing artifact you want to link to or the location of the new artifact you want to create. (You need to be logged into the RTC server).
  4. For Create a new Artifact fill out the various fields including: Type, Summary, Filed Against etc.
  5. For Link to existing artifact, type “*” in the search field and select a “Matching Work Item”.
  6. Click OK
  7. Collaboration link can now be seen in the view.
  8. Hover over the link to see the rich hover feature which displays a preview page summary of information about the related change request link.