Working with CLM Reporting Applications

as a prerequisite steps in Setting up The OSLC Connect for Windchill LQE Indexing have been performed.

IBM CLM Suite provides several reporting applications, such as the Jazz Reporting Service (JRS), the Rational Publishing Engine (RPE), and Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager (RELM).

The Report Builder in the Jazz Reporting Service can be used to create and run reports about artifacts across projects, or versioned data in configurations. The Report Builder use cases include:

For more informations on the JRS and RPE reporting applications, see Getting started with reporting by using LQE data sources.

Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager (RELM) can be used to create views and diagrams across engineering disciplines that consolidate data from multiple sources, to simplify tasks like:

For more informations on the RELM application, see Getting started roadmap for Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager.

Exemple views for RELM