Verifying the Application Server Installation

Obtaining the Adapter’s Rootservices

After the Adapter’s WAR file has been deployed into the chosen application server as described in the installation procedures, successfully obtaining the adapter’s rootservices file is an early verification task:

  1. Open a browser
  2. Type the URL<context-path>/rootservices in the browser
  3. Click Enter to send the HTTP GET to the application server
  4. The browser should offer to download a rootservices file.

The task is successfully completed if the file can be downloaded or is displayed directly as XML RDF content in browser.
If the operation fails (e.g. with a HTTP Status 404 error), review carefully the application server installation steps.

Browsing to each of the Servers to Assure Connectivity

To assure proper authentication, and to accept all appropriate TLS/SSL certificates, from each separate server, browse to each of the other servers:

Getting Online Help

This help guide is available at the following URL address:, adjusted for your particular deployment network.