Setting up the Windchill adapter for LQE indexing

The Tracked Resource Set implemented by the Windchill Adapter allows Change Requests from a Windchill Server to be imported into the Lifecycle Query Engine in RELM and kept up to date in near real time. This data integration enables the inclusion of Windchill Change Requests in RELM reporting and RELM views. Data may be queried using SPARQL query language, showing the results in Jazz Reports and Dashboards.


To avoid having IBM RELM index data from Windchill outside of necessary scope, you can choose between two options:

This gives the user fine control over which data to index within RELM for display in Views and Reporting.
In addition, IBM RELM will only index those Windchill Change Requests that are accessible to a specific Windchill user hereby called the LQE Functional User.
You need to consider how best to ensure that unauthorized users are not able to access sensitive data. To assure that users do not gain access to unauthorized information, adjust the rights of the LQE Functional User within Windchill. So Windchill’s access control mechanisms will then enforce the appropriate rights and users won’t gain access to sensitive information about particular products or parts within products.
You can also choose to avoid IBM RELM from indexing any data from Windchill by not going through the below configuration steps. This has no impact on “Linking Rational Team Concert Work Items to Windchill Change Requests”.

Relating Jazz Team Server and the RLIA Windchill Adapter

Configure a Friends/Consumer relationship between the Jazz CLM environment where LQE executes and the Sodius RLIA Windchill server.

Name: SodiusAdapter LQE
OAuth Secret: SodiusAdapter
Retype OAuth Secret: SodiusAdapter

Create and Add LQE Functional User to PLM Product Areas

LQE must be granted access to one or more PLM Product Areas as the LQE functional user in order that it may be granted the right to query the PLM repository for information.

Configuring LQE for Products integration

Note: If LQE raises an error on an indexing process, then restart your adapter’s web container and go to your datasource’s detail panel to click the reindex button.