Configuring LQE for integration to all Products with linked service providers

In the LQE administration panel, select the Data Sources panel. This panel shows the live status of any data sources LQE is connected to.
Select Add the Data Source button on the top right of the screen
On the Select Data Source pop-up select the “Root Services URL” option and enter the URL of the rootservices document.
Once entered this will display the and select this radio button.

Data Source: Root Services URL: the rootservices url, eg. _
Label: eg. SodiusAdapter because the label is just an identifier for the data source.
Scheduling: <leave blank for immediate>
Authentication: OAuth
Authentication Type: Specify OAuth details for this data source
OAuth Consumer Key: <from RELM Friend, eg. f62d00a1-5ca3-4c27-9462-994b43ee15aa>
OAuth Consumer Secret: <from RELM Friend, eg. SodiusAdapter>
OAuth Request Token URL:
OAuth User Authorization URL:
OAuth Access Token URL: