Linking DNG Artifacts to Windchill Parts

Using the Delegated Selection Dialog for the OSLC Provider, you can link Rational DOORS Next Generation (DNG) Artifacts to existing Windchill Parts.


  1. From your DNG Project dashboard, go to the Artifact you want to link to a Windchill Part.
  2. In the artifact page go to the Links Section.
  3. Mouse over the icon named Add Link to Artifact, and click to display its drop down menu.
  4. Select More... from the drop down menu.
  5. A pop in window opens named Create Link.
  6. In the Link type drop down menu, select the desired link type between the values compatible with a Windchill Part:
    1. Refined by Architecture Element
    2. Traced by Architecture Element
    3. Satisfied by Architecture Element
    4. Derives Architecture Element
  7. To link to an existing artifact from the Part Selection Dialog window, enter any fragment of a word for the Part Name which you want to link to or “*” when you want to list everything available.
  8. You may also or either enter a pattern for the Number of the Part.
  9. Click the button Search or hit Enter to display any matching existing parts.
  10. Select a Part or multiple Parts from the list.
  11. Click OK.
  12. Verify that the DNG Artifact now includes the list of linked Parts in the Links section.

Optionally, to confirm that the Windchill PLM repository now stores the new Parts, you may hover over the link to see the OSLC delegated Preview dialog with a summary of information about the Windchill Part.

Delegated Selection Dialog for the OSLC Provider

You are currently viewing the delegated Selection Dialog of the Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) Provider. Read more about OSLC Selection Dialogs at

This Selection Dialog enables you to search for Parts within the PTC Windchill PLM provider that you might want to link to the current DNG Artifact. Additionally, if your searches indicate that no appropriate PLM Part is available, you may create one or more Parts within the PLM provider and then link to those newly created Parts.

The Selection Dialog displays in its title the name of the Windchill Product that provides or will provide the Parts. (If you do not recognize the name of the provider, if you lack read access to the provider, or if the provider name indicates that the proper provider is unavailable or inaccessible, then simply click the Cancel button to close the dialog.)

The Selection Dialog provides two input fields for entering selection query parameters: Name and Number. The Name field enables you to enter a search pattern for characters within the title (i.e. the name) of the sought Part(s); the Number field enables you to enter a search pattern for characters within the short title (i.e. the number) of the sought Part(s). You may enter patterns for one or both of the fields.

The body of the Selection Dialog displays a page of Parts whose names and numbers match the search patterns. The list will be empty initially and if no matching Parts are found. When the query matches one or more Parts, the label above the body will state “{n} matching Parts.” — where “{n}” is replaced with the numeric value of the count.

Each row of the body displays a checkbox, the name title for a matching Part, and the number of the Part. (The name is a hyperlink: you may click it to view the Part within Windchill in a separate window or tab of your browser.)

To select a Part for linking to the current DNG Artifact, click the checkbox in its row until it displays the checkmarked checkbox.

When you select one or more Parts from the set of matching Parts, the label above the body of the dialog to the left will state “{m} selected.” — where “{m}” is replaced with the numeric value of the count.

When the set of matching Parts is numerous, the Selection Dialog displays a subset of the matching Parts, one page at a time. When there are multiple pages of matching Parts, the Selection Dialog displays Previous and Next page buttons below the body of the dialog. Click Previous to view the Parts on the previous page; click Next to view the Parts on the next page. When the first page is shown, the Previous button will be disabled; likewise, on the last page, the Next button is disabled.

You may select Parts from multiple pages and the dialog will store your entire set of selections. As you visit each page, the dialog will refresh the checkboxes to show you which Parts you have selected on the current page.

On the upper right of the Selection Dialog are 2 buttons, next to the search fields:

Along the bottom of the Selection Dialog are 2 buttons: