Using the activation key version

Obtaining an activation key

If you wish to evaluate the Windchill Adapter you should download an activation key Web application Archive (WAR) file from the IBM website.
Then in order to get your license key, please, collect and send the following information by email to :

Once you have provided these details we can generate the license key which you then need to specify in the Adapter properties configuration screen. See Configuring the Windchill adapter properties section for more detail.

Attribute Description
name oslc-windchill.activationKey
value my_key

Upgrading from activation key version

When you purchase the product you need to update the installation by redeploying the WAR file.
In Apache Tomcat this consists of simply stopping the Tomcat, replacing the activation key WAR with the newly purchased WAR file and restarting the Tomcat for the installation to be activated.

For WebSphere do the following to uninstall the previous-activation-key.war file:

  1. Log into WAS and Navigate to Applications > Application Types > Websphere Enterprise Applications
  2. Select the check box next to the windchill adapter war and click Stop.
  3. Once stopped (may need to refresh to see it as stopped “X”), select uninstall.
  4. You will be asked to confirm so click OK.
  5. Save directly to the master configuration the changes.
  6. Once uninstalled successfully proceed with a fresh deployment of the updated WAR file.