Installation Process

This section offers a sequential summary of the major activities that you’ll perform to install the Adapter into your ALM and PLM systems. Please consult each section of the Installation Guide for specific, detailed steps.

  1. Verify that your hardware and software meet the minimum requirements, see Hardware and Software Requirements.
  2. Decide on how you want to deploy software over hardware, see Deployment Toplogy Options
  3. Obtain the installation files from the Sodius vendor.
  4. Set up the application server where you plan to run the Sodius Adapter, see Setting up the application server
  5. Start the application server and deploy the web application required to run the adapter, see Deploying and starting Apache Tomcat or Deploying and starting WebSphere
  6. Install the extensions to the Windchill Server
  7. Customize the Windchill Data Model
  8. Perform other configuration tasks such as application friending and project associations, see Integrating applications.