Creating a Windchill Change Request and linking from Rational Team Concert Work Items

Using the Delegated Creation Dialog for the OSLC Provider, you can link new Windchill™ Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Change Requests to Rational Team Concert (RTC) Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Work Items.


  1. From your Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM), go to the ALM Work Item you want to link to a Windchill PLM Change Request.
  2. Select the Links Tab.
  3. In the Links section, select add a Related Change Request from the drop down menu. If “Related Change Request” is not displayed then the adapter is not properly installed. Contact your administrator to retry the installation.
  4. Select to create a new Related Change Request.
  5. Enter a Title and optionally enter a Description in for the Change Request Creation Dialog (described in the prior section).
  6. Click the Create button to create the new Change Request
  7. A confirmation message "Success: Change Request example title created" appears for each creation.
  8. After creating one or more Change Requests, click OK to send the link(s) of the new Change Request(s) to the ALM Work Item.
  9. Verify that the ALM Work Item now includes the list of Related Change Requests in the Links section.
  10. Click on Save button to save the link in the work item.

Optionally, to confirm that the Change Request is stored in Windchill, you may hover over the link of each Related Change Request and the adapter will open the OSLC delegated Preview Dialog for a summary of the linked Change Request.

Delegated Creation Dialog for the OSLC Provider

You are currently viewing the delegated Creation Dialog of the Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) Provider. Read more about OSLC Selection Dialogs at

This Creation Dialog enables you to create new Change Requests within the PTC Windchill PLM provider that you might want to link to the current Rational Team Concert ALM Work Item.

The Creation Dialog displays in its title the name of the Windchill PLM provider (e.g. a Product or a Library) that will provide the Change Requests. (If you do not recognize the name of the provider, if you lack read access to the provider, or if the provider name indicates that the proper provider is unavailable or inaccessible, then simply click the Cancel button to close the dialog.)

The Creation Dialog provides two input fields for entering Change Request information: Title and Description. The Title field enables you to enter a title (a.k.n. the name) of the new Change Request; the Description field enables you to enter a brief summary of the sought Change Request. The Title field is required and the Description field is optional — but highly recommended.

After you create a Change Request, a status alert appears at the top of the dialog to display either the success or the failure of the creation request. You may clear any such alerts by clicking their close widget. Additionally, the Creation Dialog will display the date that the new Change Request was created (this should be “now”) and the name of the Windchill user who created it (this typically is your name as you are known within Windchill).

Along the bottom of the Creation Dialog are 4 buttons. From left to right, these are: