M2MExportRuleset settings

The M2MExportRuleset elements have several Rhapsody Properties which can be overridden to customize the transformation behavior.

To override these Properties, right-click on the M2MExportRuleset, and click on "Features" in the context menu:
M2MExportRuleset Features menu

Once the Features dialog is opened, click on the Tag "Properties", and then click on "Filter":

Filter properties

It will display a dialog window, then enter 'M2M' in the field "Filter Text":

Filter properties

And finally, click on "Filter", it will display only Properties related to the M2M Transformer:

Filter properties

User Interface properties

All the settings of the M2M dialog window are saved in the properties of the M2MExportRuleset. This allows to save all the dialog settings, and to retrieve the previous settings on the next M2M launching.

Transformation properties

External Class Loader properties

The following properties allow to load external Java classes from an external Jar file in the M2M Engine Class Path. The main idea is to extend the M2M class loader by providing the path where the Jar file is located, the Class name to load, and the JavaScript method to set the Java Class in the JavaScript context of the M2MExportRuleset. With that way, all of the JavaScript code have access to this external Java Class.

Log properties