M2MRuleset modeling

The M2MRuleset is the main Element which will contain all the necessary elements to define a M2M transformation.

The M2MRuleset can contain

To model a complete M2MRuleset, follow these steps:

Create the M2MRuleset

Right-click on the project, click on Add New | M2M | M2MRuleset

Add New M2MRuleset

Define the source profile and target profile

The M2M transformation is supposed to transform a model from a profile to another one. The source and target profiles can be specified on tags on the M2MRuleset.

Right-click on the M2MRuleset, and click on 'Features' in the context dialog

Once the feature dialog is opened, click on the Tab 'Tags'

Add New M2MRuleset

Next, fill in the Context Tags AbstractFromRhpRuleset.source_profile and AbstractToRhpRuleset.target_profile of your choice with the Tag tree view

Fill In M2MRuleset Tags

Organize the M2MRuleset

The M2MRuleset can be organized with several M2MPackages. To create a M2MPackage, right-click on the M2MRuleset, and click on Add New | M2M | M2MPackage

Add New M2MPackage

When it is needed to move a Package into the target model, without applying any MappingRule on its children, the Package must be selected via the Context Tag M2MRuleset.packagesToCopy with the Tag tree view

packagesToCopy Tag