Installation Guide

The delivery is a zip file (example, which must be unzipped in the Profiles folder of the Rhapsody installation: $OMROOT/Profiles/M2M

$OMROOT is the path of your Rhapsody Share folder. The location depends if Rhapsody has been installed in one single location or if it has been split.

Here is an example of a M2M installation in Rhapsody 9.0:

M2M installed in RHapsody 9.0

License Installation

The M2M get a license file (*.lic) just before executing the model transformation. The license file location path must be set in rhapsody.ini of the Rhapsody installation which will run the M2M Engine. Before editing rhapsody.ini, make sure that Rhapsody is closed. Rhapsody may not be active to edit this file. First, open rhapsody.ini and go to JVM section, and add the option M2MLicense to set the path in a property of the Rhapsody JVM:

[JVM] JavaLocation=C:\Program Files\IBM\Rhapsody\9.0\jdk\jre
ClassPath=-Djava.class.path=C:\Program Files\IBM\Rhapsody\9.0\Share\JavaAPI\rhapsody.jar
LibPath=-Djava.library.path=C:\Program Files\IBM\Rhapsody\9.0\Share\JavaAPI
MaxHeap=-Xmx8192m MaxStack=-Xss2m
M2MLicense=-DM2M.License=C:\Program Files\IBM\Rhapsody\9.0\Share\Profiles\M2M\sodiuswillert-license.lic

The M2MLicense path must be updated with your own license file location. Once rhapsody.ini is updated, restart Rhapsody, the M2M Engine can perform a model transformation.