Installation Guide

The delivery includes an installer (.exe) and a license file (.lic). The M2M installer setup.exe must be launched, and the wizard steps must be followed to complete the installation.
To launch setup.exe, right-click on it to open the context menu, and click on "Run as administrator":
Run as admin

Then, follow the steps bellow:

  1. The following welcome window is displayed:
    Setup Welcome Page

    Click on "Next".

  2. The License Agreement Page is now displayed:
    Setup License Agreement page
    Read the agreement, select "I accept the terms in the license agreement" and click on "Next".

  3. The Setup Type Page is now displayed:
    Setup Type page
    Select "Complete" and click on "Next" if you want to install the M2M on C:/Program Files/SOWI/M2M_X.X.X by default.

    If you want to choose where to install the M2M, select "Custom" and click on "Next".

  4. The Custom Setup Page is now displayed:
    Custom Setup page
    Click on "Browse..." to select another M2M installation path.
    The M2M is installed on the selected folder, but a symbolic link named "M2M" is also created in the folders Share/Profiles (OMROOT) of all Rhapsody installations:
    Symbolic link

    It will share the same M2M installation to all Rhapsody installed on the machine in the OMROOT folder.

    Then, click on "Next".

  5. The License Page is now displayed. (This step is only available for the SodiusWillert installer, not the IBM one)
    Either you enter a license server address:
    License server

    Or you select a License file (*.lic) by clicking on "Browse..." :
    License file

    Then click on "Next"

  6. The Ready to install Page is now displayed:
    Ready to install page
    Click on "Install" to complete the installation.

  7. The Completed Page is now displayed:
    Completed page
    Click on "Finish" to close the installer.