M2M Checker Guide

Once the M2MRuleset has been implemented, it is recommended to launch the M2M Model Checker.
To launch the M2M Checker on all M2MRuleset of the project, click on Tools | Check Model | DefaultConfig:


"DefaultConfig" is the name of the component of the project. A project can contain several components with different names. To launch the M2M Checker on a specific M2MRuleset, select the M2MRuleset of your choice in the browser, and click on Tools | Check Model | Selected Elements

The check results are displayed in the tab "Check model" below:
Check Results

To execute and display only the M2M Checks, you have to unselect all other Checks. To proceed, click on Tools | Check Model | Configure:

Check Configure

The "Configuration" window of the Component is displayed, and the "Checks" Tab selected. Deselect all checks, and then select only M2M Checks. Click on "OK", and relaunch Checker:

Select only M2M Checks

The M2M Model Checker runs these External Checks:

If additional checks must be added, it is possible to create some new ones in the ruleset. They will be added to Rhapsody model checker when the model is loaded.This chapter explains how to create custom model checker.