Roundtrip Model Elements to DOORS

This guide provides instructions for roundtripping Model Elements from Rhapsody to DOORS using ReqXChanger.

Create Traceability Links in Rhapsody

From Rhapsody, links can be created from Model Elements to Requirements using Dependencies.
This can be performed in a Model browser or inside Diagrams.
In addition, Stereotypes can be applied to the Dependencies to distinguish different kinds of links.
Any Model Elements like Use Cases, Classes, Operations, Attributes, States and Diagrams can be linked to Requirements.
Furthermore, indirect links can be created, for instance between a Test case and a Class, which has a Dependency to a Requirement.

Roundtrip Model Elements

Information about all Model Elements, which have a Dependency on a Requirement, can be transferred to DOORS.
This is also valid for Diagrams that are linked to Requirements.

To roundtrip Model Elements:

Import and Merge Model Elements into DOORS

To import Model Elements:

To merge imported Elements: