Importing and Merging a ReqIF Package into DOORS

This lesson guides you through how to import a ReqIF Package, and merge it into DOORS

Import a ReqIF Package into DOORS

To import a ReqIF Package into DOORS:

The modules created correspond to the ReqIF Definition created during the Requirements export. So we will be able to perform a Merge

Merge a ReqIF Package

To perform a Merge in DOORS:

We can see that a new Formal Module called "Rhapsody Elements" has been created in the project. It contains the list of Rhapsody Model Elements in relation to Requirements.
For example, we can see that the "Modeldecomposition" Model Elements is in relation with a Requirement (Number 15) in the QualityRequirements Formal Module:

"Modeldecomposition" is a Block Definition Diagram in Rhapsody. Its image has also been imported: