Class GetResourceShape

    • Constructor Detail

      • GetResourceShape

        public GetResourceShape​(OslcClient client,
                                URI uri)
        Creates a request to read the content of a resource shape.
        client - the REST client used to execute a request.
        uri - the URI of a resource shape.
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      • createResponse

        protected ResourceResponse<ResourceShape> createResponse​(OslcResource resource,
                                                                 ClientResponse response)
        Description copied from class: GetResource
        Extracts a ResourceResponse instance from the obtained HTTP response. The response contains the response headers, from which the ETag header can be extracted in case this request is to follow by a PUT.
        createResponse in class GetResource<ResourceShape>
        resource - the resource on which a request is executed.
        response - the response obtained.
        the extraction of the response content into the expected format.