Class GetPublisher

    • Constructor Detail

      • GetPublisher

        public GetPublisher​(URI uri)
        Creates a new instance to execute a GET on the specified publisher location.
        uri - the publisher location
      • GetPublisher

        public GetPublisher​(OslcClient client,
                            URI uri)
        Creates a new instance to execute a GET on the specified publisher location, using the given client.

        The client must be unauthenticated, as publisher is an authorization-free resource, and some servers may reject requests providing an Authorization header. The client may be customized using OslcClientFactory for specific parameters, like a proxy configuration.

        client - the client to use
        uri - the publisher location
    • Method Detail

      • createResponse

        protected ResourceResponse<Publisher> createResponse​(OslcResource resource,
                                                             ClientResponse response)
        Description copied from class: GetResource
        Extracts a ResourceResponse instance from the obtained HTTP response. The response contains the response headers, from which the ETag header can be extracted in case this request is to follow by a PUT.
        createResponse in class GetResource<Publisher>
        resource - the resource on which a request is executed.
        response - the response obtained.
        the extraction of the response content into the expected format.