Selecting a Global Configuration

Once OSLC Configuration Management is enabled on the Windchill product or library, it becomes possible to select a Global Configuration in the Collaboration Links table of a Windchill Part.

To select a Global Configuration (GC):

  1. Locate and click on the currently selected GC next to the Refresh button at the top of the links table.
  2. It opens a Configuration context panel, in which you can see the selected GC, and the Local Configuration it resolves to in the current Windchill product or library, if any.
  3. Click on the Switch button and wait for the Global Configuration picker dialog to show up.
  4. From the Global Configuration picker dialog, choose the appropriate GC and click OK.

Note that in order to display the Global Configuration Application picker dialog, the friending of Global Configuration Application must have been done in Managing Friends.

You may have noticed the presence of a Nominal Configuration in the Configuration context panel of the Part version. If there is one, it is possible to directly select this GC by clicking on the Switch to button without going through the GC selection dialog. See how to save a GC as the Nominal Configuration of a Part version in the administration guide.