Searching and Reporting on Collaboration Links

Creating a Report Template

It is possible for an administrator to create a report template in Windchill that can be used in the Report Builder or in an Advanced Search. This document will only describe how to use Oslc tables in this capability. For further information on Windchill's report template, please see Managing Report Templates in Windchill's documentation.

  1. To create a report template navigate to Site > Utilities > Report Management.
  2. Click on the New Report Template icon.
  3. Once a name has been filled, navigate to the Tables and Joins tab.
  4. Click on the + icon.
  5. Add the Windchill type you want to use (For example Part).
  6. Add the OSLC Link type.
  7. Click on the orange square of the Windchill type and drag it to the orange square of the OSLC type.
  8. In the list select Windchill Instance Adapter Link and click OK.
  9. In the Select or Constrain tab select the columns to display: Conceptresource is the Url of the remote artifact, Conceptresourcename the title of the remote artifact and linktype the type of link to the remote artifact

Note that for a Windchill part the link is not stored in Windchill if the linking is done with a IBM Engineering Test Management (ETM) artifact in a Global Configuration context. Without a Global Configuration context the Windchill-ETM linking is stored on both sides.

Using the Report Template in the Report Builder

  1. To create a report navigate to Site > Reports.
  2. In the Reports table, unfold the Default section to find the created Report Template.
  3. Click on the desired Report Template.
  4. Fill the criteria required by the template.
  5. Click on Generate to see the Report.

Using the Report Template in the Advanced Search

  1. Navigate to Site > Utilities > Preference Management > Search and make sure Enable Related Object Search is set to Yes.
  2. In the Advanced Search tab, select the object type you want to search.
  3. If a Report Template has been created for this type the Related Object Search zone will become visible.
  4. In the Report Template drop-down list select the created template.
  5. Fill the criteria required by the template.
  6. Click on Search.