Upgrading to 3.4.0

Data migration

In version 3.4.0, a Global Configuration must first be declared in the Product administration before it can be referenced by Windchill Change Requests or Change Orders. A migration needs to be performed in order to automatically declare the Global Configurations that were referenced before the installation of the new version.

The administrator has to navigate to the OSLC Connect administration page and launch this migration.

Windchill Change Resources (TRS 2.0) rebuild

In order to become compatible with ELM 7.0.2, some changes were made to the resources exposed in the CM TRS feed. For this reason, the feed must be rebuilt by a Windchill administrator, using the server administration TRS section.

After the CM TRS feed has been rebuilt, if it was being used by IBM Link Index Provider (LDX) and/or IBM Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE), an ELM administrator needs to reindex the Windchill CM datasource.