New and Noteworthy in 3.2.0

Improvements to OSLC configurations

Richer OSLC previews and reports for Windchill artifacts

DOORS Next Requirement collections linking

You can now create Collaboration links from Windchill Parts to DOORS Next Generation Requirement collections.

Embedded Help

All OSLC Connect for Windchill pages contain a Help button to open the related embedded help topic (no Internet connection required).

Enhanced TRS support for large Windchill installations

Improved support for very large data sets. This release ensures linear performance as data set grows in Windchill.

The TRS response times are reduced using paging and the memory consumption on server is minimized.

TRS Administration Page

The TRS administration page now includes a section to rebuild TRS feeds.

Simplified upgrade procedure

Now only a single command in Windchill shell is needed to perform an upgrade of the connector to the latest version.