New and Noteworthy in 3.0.0

The connector is embedded inside Windchill web application

There is no more a separate connector web application, instead the connector is fully contained in the Windchill extension.

Starting this version, there are now following network connections:

Support for linking to Windchill change objects in Global Configurations

Starting this version, you can now create links from QM artifacts in Global Configurations to Windchill change artifacts.

Support for IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management 7.0.0

Compatibility with the newly released ELM 7.0.0. Comes with notable improvements:

Better link display in Windchill

Now the rich hover on OSLC links in Windchill opens a small popin next to the link.

Better installation in Windchill

Now the installation script updates existing Windchill action models, preventing conflicts with other custom action models.

Now the installation script uses existing Windchill database user, only asking for its password. Therefore the following extension properties have been removed: wt.db.user and wt.db.password