Save a nominal Global Configuration (GC) on a Windchill Part

It is often the case that a specific Windchill Part version is created in relation to specific versions of requirements and/or quality management artifacts. In order to capture the exact artifact versions as they were when the Part version was created and/or validated, it is possible to save a GC as the Nominal Configuration of a Part version.

To save a Nominal Configuration on a Part version:

  1. Locate and click on the currently selected GC next to the Refresh button at the top of the links table.
  2. It opens a Configuration context panel, in which you can see the selected GC, the Local Configuration it resolves to in the current Windchill product, and the saved Nominal Configuration on the current Part version, if any.
  3. Click on the floppy disk icon next to the selected GC.

You are now free to display the Part links in any configuration context, and easily go back to the Nominal Configuration by clicking on the Switch to button.

A Nominal Configuration association can be removed from a Part version at any time by clicking on the red cross icon.