Add Global Configuration Associations to a Windchill Change Artifact

The configuration associations created with this widget allows creating links from the Windchill Change Management artifact, to Artifacts within a Global Configuration.

There are maximum two global configuration associations to a Windchill Change Management artifact, identified by a Configuration label: Found in global configuration and Planned for global configuration.

This app supports the following GC associations to Windchill Change Management artifacts with corresponding link types:

Configuration label Corresponding Link type
Found in global configuration Affects Requirement
Affects Test Case Result
Blocks Test Execution
Related Test Case
Related Test Script
Related Test Execution Record
Related Test Plan
Related Test Case Result
Planned for global configuration Tested By Test Case
Implements Requirement
Tracks Requirement

To perform a configuration association:

  1. Make sure the Global Configuration you want to use is declared in the Product or Library administration.
  2. Identify in the table above the configuration label and click the pencil button right to it.
  3. Choose the appropriate Global Configuration in the picker dialog and click OK.

This completes creation of a global configuration association to a Windchill Change Object.