Configuring Global Configuration Management (GCM) with a Windchill local configuration

If a Windchill product administrator has enabled Configuration Management and has created a Local Configuration on the product, this configuration can be added to a Global Configuration within the GCM application.

To add a Windchill Local Configuration to a Global Configuration:

  1. Open the CLM Global Configuration Management (GCM) application.
  2. Make sure that GCM and Windchill are friends with each other.
  3. Open your GCM project area administration page, and make sure that a "Uses - Configurations" association to the Windchill product has been configured.
  4. In GCM, navigate to the desired Component and Global Configuration.
  5. Click on Add Configurations
  6. Select Windchill - Product Lifecycle Management to open the selection dialog.
  7. In the selection dialog, select the Windchill product to choose a configuration from. You can then filter the configuration by type and by name, select one and click on OK.

The selected configuration is now participating to the current Global Configuration. It is now possible to create or display collaboration links between CLM artifacts and Windchill Parts that participate to this GC.