Searching issues with Collaboration Links

Now that you probably have created some Collaboration Links, it is time to learn how to search Jira issues having them. OSLC Connect for Jira comes with a custom JQL function named collaborationLinks() which can be used in the Advanced mode of the Search.

Caution: this function requires be used along with a project clause. If a clause of type project = xxx or project in () is not included in the search criteria, no results will be returned by collaborationLinks().

collaborationLinks() issue in collaborationLinks() With no arguments, function searches for all issues having any type of Collaboration Link.
collaborationLinks( LINK_TYPE ) issue in collaborationLinks("affects requirement") With a single argument, function searches for all issues having the Collaboration Link type provided. You don't need to provide the full Collaboration Link type name and case is insensitive.
collaborationLinks( DOMAIN_TYPE ) issue in collaborationLinks("rm") This is a special case for taking one argument. If the argument is either one of the following (case insensitive), function searches for all issues having Collaboration Links whose type belongs to such OSLC domain:
am stands for Architecture Management:
  • related architecture element
cm stands for Change Management:
  • affected by defect
  • affects plan item
  • contributes to
  • related change request
  • tracks
rm stands for Requirements Management:
  • affects requirement
  • implements requirement
  • tracks requirement
qm stands for Quality Management:
  • affects test result
  • blocks test execution record
  • related test case
  • related test plan
  • related test script
  • related test execution record
  • tested by test case
collaborationLinks( LINK_TYPE, ID ) issue in collaborationLinks("requirement", 12) With two arguments, function searches for all issues having Collaboration Links of the type provided and the given remote id. Rules for searching the Collaboration Link type are the same as above (except this time domain keys do not work for searching by domain). If you are interested in searching only by id, and do not care the type, use an empty string for the first parameter: issue in collaborationLinks("", 12) [1].

Once matching issues are presented, and as it occurs with other Remote Issue Links types, you won't be able to see the Collaboration Links in a column if you are in the List View. In order to see them along with the search results, you need to change to the Details View.

Global Configurations Compatibility

There are no differences between having a GC compatibility configured or not in your Jira project regarding above functionality. It will behave the same either you are using GC's or not.