Dragging work items from Siemens Polarion

This page is aimed to Siemens Polarion users to let them know which elements can be drag/copied and drop/paste into the OSLC Connect for Jira Dropping dialog for linking.

In Polarion, only two work item categories can be linked to Jira and therefore, use the Dropping dialog: Requirements (System and Software) and Change Requests (Work Packages, Tasks, Change Requests and Issues). Wherever these work items are represented with links (or images/texts being able to open the work item page), they can be dragged and dropped into the Dropping dialog. Common cases are:

On an open work item page, users can drag and drop the Title link or copy the full URL in the browser's addresses bar. They can also press over the copy icon next to the title (visible only when hovering) and press the Copy Link option to open the Copy To Clipboard dialog and just press Ctrl + C to copy the URL of the link [1]. Still in the work item page, users can drag and drop any other Polarion linked work item, either from those below the host work item title or from those in the Linked Work Items section.

From a requirements document view, users can drag and drop all work items included in the Work Item Properties panel. They can also click on a requirement icon (on document's left) and expand the option Copy to either select the Link or Cross-reference option. Both will open the Copy To Clipboard dialog mentioned above and users can proceed the same way they did last time with this dialog.

Global Configurations Compatibility

There is no difference between using a Global Configuration on Jira issue or not, the same elements discussed above are suitable to be drag and drop or copy and paste in the Dropping dialog. This is due Polarion does not support Configuration Management.