Dragging requirements from IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Family

This page is aimed to IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Family users to let them know which elements can be drag/copied and drop/paste into the OSLC Connect for Jira Dropping dialog for linking, as well particularities that application have using this dialog.

In DOORS client, users can drag requirements directly from a Module and drop them in the Dropping dialog, alternatively they can right-click on any of them and select the Copy URL option to paste it then on Jira [1].

By default, it is not possible to drag and drop more than one requirement at once, no matter if it is possible to select more than one, only the one from the dragging started is going to be dropped on the Dropping dialog, this is due to a limitation of the DOORS client itself. Fortunately, OSLC Connect for Jira comes with a DOORS add-in to workaround this, ask the DOORS administrator to install it and once done, a new OSLC Connect menu will appear on the open Module window. Then, to copy and paste multiple requirements' URLs at once [1]:

  1. Select multiple requirements in the Module, by selecting a first requirement and use Shift+Click to select the last one.
  2. Open the OSLC Connect menu and select the option Copy Selected Object Urls.
  3. Back on Jira, paste the clipboard content to process all copied URLs in the Dropping dialog.

DOORS Web Access (DWA) users have only one way for linking using the Dropping dialog [1]:

  1. From an open Module view, select the requirement to link by clicking on it.
  2. From Attributes panel on the right, expand the System tab.
  3. Look up for the URL attribute and right-click on the link.
  4. From the context menu, select the option to copy the link.
  5. Back on Jira, paste the clipboard content in the Dropping dialog.

Global Configurations Compatibility

There is no difference between using a Global Configuration on Jira issue or not, the same elements discussed above are suitable to be drag and drop or copy and paste in the Dropping dialog. This is due the nature of the DOORS application and because it does not support Configuration Management at all.