Dragging requirements from IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next

This page is aimed to IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next (DOORS Next) users to let them know which elements can be drag/copied and drop/paste into the OSLC Connect for Jira Dropping dialog for linking, as well particularities that application have using this dialog.

In DOORS Next, all requirements being a link (or texts being able to open the requirement page) can be dragged and dropped into the Dropping dialog, common cases are:

None of above views support multiple selection for drag and drop, so this must be done one by one. This is true even for Folder, Collection and Modules views where a check box for multiple selection is available: no matter how much of them are selected, only the one from the dragging started, will be the one effectively dragged. There is however, one option to copy and paste multiple requirements' URLs taking advantage of the check box on those views [1]: once all desired requirements are checked, right-click on any of them and select the option Share Links to N Artifacts... from the context menu (being N the number of selected requirements); this will open the Share Link dialog containing a text area with all selected requirements' URLs. Select the full content of the text area and copy it to the clipboard, use this content on the Copy and Paste Mode of the Dropping dialog.

On an open requirement page, users can drag and drop the corresponding id number in the breadcrumbs bar or the full URL in the browser's addresses bar. They can also open the context menu (right-click) for the id number and select the option to copy the URL of the link [1]. This context menu technique applies also for Links and Recent Changes elements of above list.

Global Configurations Compatibility

If Jira issue is using a Global Configuration, then dropped/pasted requirements must be dragged/copied from a view using the same Global Configuration to be accepted, otherwise they will be rejected unless (this is the exception to the rule) they are valid (exist) on the configuration used by Jira. This exception allows linking in following scenarios:

As mentioned on the Using the Dropping dialog topic, above scenarios will create a warning in the Dropping dialog to let the user know dropped/pasted requirements are being accepted, even if their configuration does not match with the one on Jira, because this latter takes precedence and they are still valid there... so linking is possible.

All comments on this subtopic are valid for DOORS Next projects which are Configuration-Management enabled. Requirements of DOORS Next projects begin Configuration-Management disabled can only be dropped/pasted on Jira issues not associated to a Global Configuration or they will be rejected.