Dragging work items from IBM Rational Team Concert

This page is aimed to IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC) users to let them know which elements can be drag/copied and drop/paste into the OSLC Connect for Jira Dropping dialog for linking, as well particularities that application have using this dialog.

In RTC, all work items being a link (or images/texts being able to open the work item page) can be dragged and dropped into the Dropping dialog, common cases are:

None of above views support multiple selection, so drag and drop work items must be done one by one. This is true even if users enable the Edit Multiple Work Items option on the Search Results page: no matter if multiple work items are checked, only the one from the dragging started, will be the one effectively dragged.

On an open work item page, users can drag and drop the corresponding icon above the Summary field or the full URL in the browser's addresses bar. They can also press over the clipboard icon in the toolbar and press the Select Link button to then open the context menu (right-click) and select the option to copy the URL of the link [1]. This context menu technique applies also for all elements in above list.

Global Configurations Compatibility

There is no difference between using a Global Configuration on Jira issue or not, the same elements discussed above are suitable to be drag and drop or copy and paste in the Dropping dialog. This is due the nature of the RTC application, as Change Management projects do not involve Configuration Management.