Creating a Jira issue before linking to it

Continuing with the steps defined on the parent topic...

  1. Select the option to create the link over a new artifact.
  2. Fill out the form with the issue data [1], [2], only Summary and Issue Type fields are required [3].
  3. Click on the Create button to create the new issue and then the new link to it.

If everything went as planned, the dialog will be closed and you will see the new link created on the links section.

Next time you start an OSLC Remote Application session and get to a page where Collaboration Links exist, you will be prompted to authenticate yourself and authorize the Jira collaboration before you can start seeing detailed information on the link.

Global Configurations Compatibility

When the OSLC Remote Application is Configuration Management enabled and using a Global Configuration (GC), either the Affects Version/s or Fix Version/s field will always be visible [1], [2] and filled automatically with the version corresponding to the GC used. It is highly recommended you do not change this value so a "compatible" issue can be created for the link [3].