Known Limitations

Non-supported fields when creating Collaboration Links on a ELM Application.

If your company use an Internet browser other than Microsoft Internet Explorer, the only field that is not supported is Work Log. If, on the other hand, IE is a must for your company, extra unsupported fields will depend on the Jira and ELM versions used, see "Jira 8 and Internet Explorer 11" topic below.

Jira 8 and Internet Explorer 11

Starting Jira 8 some javascript libraries were updated and they are no longer supported with the IE compatibility mode used by ELM applications.

If your ELM environment is before, these are the fields not supported in Jira 8.x.x and IE11 (in the Collaboration Links creation dialog):

If your ELM environment is, the only component that does not work is Calendar picker (for all date/time fields).

Jira 7 and collaborationLinks() function

There is a known limitation for Jira 7 of not having more than 65000 issues matching a condition in a function. If, when using the collaborationLinks() function, the expected results are greater than 65000, the message "An unknown error occurred while trying to perform a search." will be displayed.

ETM Test Plans linking with Global Configurations

IBM Engineering Test Management (ETM) 6.0.6 and 6.0.5 have a bug when linking a Test Plan with an existing Quality Task using a Global Configuration. In this case, the checkbox used in the Selection Dialog for filtering the issues configured to work with the current configuration is not displayed; meaning users can select issues possibly configured to work with other configurations and resulting in a wrong linking. This problem is solved starting ETM

Fully Qualified Domain Names of Jira and OSLC Remote Application servers

If Jira and the OSLC Remote Application share the same domain name and port, every time a pop-up window is open to display Jira content, Jira assumes the parent window contains also Jira content and tries to reuse some code from there. As OSLC Connect For Jira relies on pop-up windows to display Jira content on the OSLC Remote Application, Jira assumption fails and code gets broken when trying to use the selection or creation dialog; this latter for example will not display properly the issue type and other pickers when rendered. To avoid this problem, make sure that at least the port number of this two servers be different.