Fixes in this release

Release 3.1.3

Cursor misplaced in the Request participants field.

On service projects, the cursor was behind the user names in the Request participants field.

Release 3.1.1

Linking from IBM DOORS Next to Jira was not possible on some projects.

Some Issue Type mapping configurations were wrongfully preventing to link to Jira issues. The message "Linking is not possible because Jira does not support Change Management Development Plans" was displayed instead.

Release 3.1.0

Random errors occurred when dropping RMM designs for linking.

"An error prevented this action to complete. Please contact a support representative." error was displayed from time to time when dropping RMM designs for linking.

Bulk operations failed for transitions when The OSLC Property Match Validator is configured.

Transitions couldn't be performed, in bulk operations, when The OSLC Property Match Validator was configured.

Unavailable Issues Previews with custom screens.

The issue preview was not available in the remote application if the associated screen to the preview was deleted.

TRS data sources rebuild needed sporadically.

Remote TRS clients (LQE) needed to rebuild Jira's TRS data sources from time to time.

Release 3.0.1

UI rendering error with ALM Works Structure.

A styling conflict with ALM Works Structure plug-in prevented the right display of issues in its view.

Release 2.8.2

Too many unnecessary error logs when reading multi-language artifacts.

Multi-language artifacts were not supported, resulting in unnecessary big log files and server overload.

OSLC Property Validator in Workflows was not compatible with IBM ETM.

ETM artifact shapes were not supported, resulting in random behavior of the validator, denying or allowing the transition when it shouldn't.

Release 2.8.1

Linking to new Jira issues was not possible in cross domain scenarios.

If the remote application had a domain name different from the Jira's server, the creation of new issues while linking was denied.

Release 2.8.0

Required fields not stated on the creation dialog.

Affects Version/s and Fix Version/s fields were not stated as required (when they do) in the creation dialog.

Link Appearance administration page hangs up after first saving.

On some Jira environments, if no label was set for a Link Appearance, the administration page stopped working after the saving.

Missing links to Jira issues on DOORS Next ChangeSets.

The OSLC Query Capability was able to find only the last link on Jira for a given type, this caused remote applications using it to discover backlinks (notably DOORS Next), missed some or all links to Jira after adding more than one link for the same type on the Jira issue (tracks change set in the case of DOORS Next).

Release 2.7.1

Login window pops up continuously in ETM.

On the dashboard called "My Tasks" in ETM, where the Jira items should be listed, the login window for Jira keeps popping up after a successful login.

Release 2.7.0

Skipped resources in LQE and LDX for issues with no creator user assigned.

Issues having no creator assigned were skipped by LQE and LDX on previous versions.

Rendering conflict with Zephyr Scale.

Having Zephyr Scale plugin installed caused their icons set to be displayed in place of any Collaboration Link.

Release 2.6.1

Remote authentication window is not closed on Firefox.

On previous versions and when using Firefox, the remote authentication window was in some cases not automatically closed after the user login.

No error feedback when remote requests reach timeout in dropping dialog.

If a remote application request reached the timeout in the dropping dialog, action was stopped but no error message was displayed to the user.

Release 2.6.0

Linked Data Configuration changes made on Polarion are not reflected immediately in Jira.

When Polarion users customized the Linked Data Configuration to remove all requirement link types (or add some of them), the Requirements Management catalog is then removed from Polarion root services (or added). The change was not immediately reflected when adding a project association in Jira.

Release 2.5.0

No license refresh in Data Center nodes after update.

When updating the license in a Data Center instance, the other nodes not making the change were not immediately aware of it. This was causing these nodes to still use the previous version of the license for a few hours.

Duplicate DOORS Next 7.0.1 requirement selection dialog when using Global Configurations.

In Jira, when creating a link to DOORS Next requirements (version 7.0.1 or higher), and the DOORS Next project is Configuration Management enabled, the Jira link dialog displayed twice the same DOORS dialogs in the list of available selection dialogs, which could cause confusion though harmless.

Release 2.4.5

Date Source failure in LQE and LDX when discovering updated Jira issues

Jira data sources in IBM Link Index Provider (LDX) and IBM Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE) failed to update when new TRS Change Log pages were generated for recent modifications in Jira.

Release 2.4.4

Empty reports in Report Builder when limiting the scope.

In ELM Report Builder, limiting the scope of a report to a subset of Jira projects was producing empty results since version 2.4.3. Jira projects were no longer correctly identified as Change Management projects.

Duplicate DOORS Next 7.0.1 requirement selection dialog.

In Jira, when creating a link to DOORS Next requirements (version 7.0.1 or higher), the Jira link creation dialog displayed duplicate labels for DOORS selection dialogs, which could cause confusion though harmless.

Release 2.4.3

Cannot use drag and drop to create links with IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS 9.7.

DOORS 9.7 was not recognized as a supported application for drag and drop of artifacts to create links. As a consequence, the only option for the user was to use the OSLC Selection Dialog to create links to DOORS.

Wrong position for the online-help button on Jira versions.

On Jira versions prior to 7.10.0, the online-help button (displayed in all connector dialogs) were incorrectly positioned.

Missing delete icon for Friends and Consumers.

On Jira versions prior to 7.10.0, the delete icon in Friends and Consumers pages was missing.

Release 2.4.2

No known bugs were fixed on this release.

Release 2.4.1

Cannot associate a global configuration to a Jira Version

On previous versions, the user could not display the global configuration dialog in Jira with Oracle database.

Release 2.4.0

Cannot associate a functional user to consumers when users are anonymized

When users are anonymized in Jira (for compliance with General Data Protection Regulation), such users were not correctly rendered in the Issue selection dialog and it was not possible to associate them as functional users to consumers.

Cannot show the preview of a DOORS Next migrated requirement

When requirements were migrated from DOORS Next 6.0.x to 7.0.x, it was not possible to show the preview of those artifacts from Jira.

Release 2.3.2

Cannot create a Jira issue from remote application if Issue Type field is not visible.

If the Jira Issue Creation Screen did not display the Issue Type field, no Jira Issue could be created from an OSLC Remote Application. Such field is now always displayed in OSLC creation dialog; the Jira Creation Screen itself doesn't need to be modified.

Cannot link to Jira issue with non-printable characters in text fields.

If a Jira issue had a text field with non printable characters (all characters before index 32 in ASCII table), no OSLC link could be created from an OSLC Remote Application to this issue.

TRS store corruption on Jira Data Center with Linux NFS.

If Linux NFS was used for the Home directory of Jira Data Center, the Tracked Resource Set (TRS) information stored in this directory could become corrupted, leading IBM Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE) administrator to re-index frequently the Jira Data Sources.

Release 2.3.1

Epic Link field rendering error on creation dialog.

If no default issue type was set for a working project Issue Type Scheme, there was an exception in the Jira Issue creation dialog when rendering the Epic Link field.

Consumer becomes untrusted when removing the functional user.

Removing a functional user from a trusted consumer was causing the consumer to become untrusted.

Release 2.3.0

No known bugs were fixed on this release.

Release 2.2.0

Missing TRS event entries

On previous version, some TRS event entries were missing causing wrong synchronization with IBM Link Index Provider (LDX) / IBM Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE) datasources.

Double waiting spinner on Internet Explorer

On previous versions, a double waiting spinner could be seen when creation Collaboration Links or adding project associations on Internet Explorer.

Cannot visualize small previews of remote artifacts if remote HTTP session got expired

On previous versions when the OSLC Remote Application HTTP session got expired, there was no way to start it again (without refreshing the page) in order to see small previews.

Possible wrong linking to versioned artifacts if Link/Version-Field Mapping was not set

If the Link/Version-Field Mapping was not set on previous versions, selection/creation dialogs was not preventing from creating Collaboration Links while they should in order to prevent a possible wrong linking.

Release 2.1.0

Jira base URL change support without server restart

On previous versions, a change on the Jira base URL would require a server restart for OSLC Connect to use the new value. This restart is not longer needed.