Fixes in this release

Release 2.4.1

Cannot associate a global configuration to a Jira Version

On previous versions, the user could not display the global configuration dialog in Jira with Oracle database.

Release 2.4.0

Cannot associate a functional user to consumers when users are anonymized

When users are anonymized in Jira (for compliance with General Data Protection Regulation), such users were not correctly rendered in the Issue selection dialog and it was not possible to associate them as functional users to consumers.

Cannot show the preview of a DOORS Next migrated requirement

When requirements were migrated from DOORS Next 6.0.x to 7.0.x, it was not possible to show the preview of those artifacts from Jira.

Release 2.3.2

Cannot create a Jira issue from remote application if Issue Type field is not visible.

If the Jira Issue Creation Screen did not display the Issue Type field, no Jira Issue could be created from an OSLC Remote Application. Such field is now always displayed in OSLC creation dialog; the Jira Creation Screen itself doesn't need to be modified.

Cannot link to Jira issue with non-printable characters in text fields.

If a Jira issue had a text field with non printable characters (all characters before index 32 in ASCII table), no OSLC link could be created from an OSLC Remote Application to this issue.

TRS store corruption on Jira Data Center with Linux NFS.

If Linux NFS was used for the Home directory of Jira Data Center, the Tracked Resource Set (TRS) information stored in this directory could become corrupted, leading IBM Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE) administrator to re-index frequently the Jira Data Sources.

Release 2.3.1

Epic Link field rendering error on creation dialog.

If no default issue type was set for a working project Issue Type Scheme, there was an exception in the Jira Issue creation dialog when rendering the Epic Link field.

Consumer becomes untrusted when removing the functional user.

Removing a functional user from a trusted consumer was causing the consumer to become untrusted.

Release 2.3.0

No known bugs were fixed on this release.

Release 2.2.0

Missing TRS event entries

On previous version, some TRS event entries were missing causing wrong synchronization with IBM Link Index Provider (LDX) / IBM Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE) datasources.

Double waiting spinner on Internet Explorer

On previous versions, a double waiting spinner could be seen when creation Collaboration Links or adding project associations on Internet Explorer.

Cannot visualize small previews of remote artifacts if remote HTTP session got expired

On previous versions when the OSLC Remote Application HTTP session got expired, there was no way to start it again (without refreshing the page) in order to see small previews.

Possible wrong linking to versioned artifacts if Link/Version-Field Mapping was not set

If the Link/Version-Field Mapping was not set on previous versions, selection/creation dialogs was not preventing from creating Collaboration Links while they should in order to prevent a possible wrong linking.

Release 2.1.0

Jira base URL change support without server restart

On previous versions, a change on the Jira base URL would require a server restart for OSLC Connect to use the new value. This restart is not longer needed.